CSS-ART.COM was originally created to serve as a crowed source test environment for CSS optimization tools. One of those tools, a Critical CSS generator and above-the-fold optimizer has been turned into a CSS ART code explorer.

The tool provides 1-click access to advanced CSS optimization and code structuring tools for any website and it enables real-time editing of the CSS on a page combined with comparison with the original.

One of its features is advanced CSS code analysis and statistics through an open source tool provided by cssstats.com.

In-depth insight into the source code of art works through various tools

Learning Tool

The tool provides a unique way to learn from the work of the best CSS artists.

Beautify and structure code, analyse it, make realtime changes to see what the effects are on the artwork, advanced CSS LINTING for in-depth advise about code standards and more.

To use the tool, simply visit any artwork and click on the CODE EXPLORER button.

For installation as a browser button for 1-click access to the tool on any website, visit https://pagespeed.pro/critical-css/

Critical CSS generator and above-the-fold optimizer Critical CSS generator and above-the-fold optimizer